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Pastry shop and tea room: we have everything you are looking for!

The fragrance of desserts expressly prepared welcomes guests of the Baja on the quay. Our stylish tea room by our elegant barge on the Tiber is everything you need to relax and take some time off from the routine. We are open all day long to let you live authentic moments of peace from the stress of the city and everyday life. Relaxing sessions, free wi-fi and an attentive staff will make your stay more comfortable than ever. A unique break, with the beauty of Rome as a backdrop.

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Baja Caffetteria

A delicious breakfast in the center of Rom

There is nothing better than an excellent breakfast to start your day with and show up at work full of energy. If the breakfast can be enjoyed in a magical place like the Baja, surrounded by the beauty of the capital and welcomed by a gentle and qualified staff, then everything is perfect. Every morning our pastry chef bakes croissants, biscuits and small pastries, to be served with coffee or cappuccino. An ideal solution for those who need a hit-and-run breakfast and for those who want to take some time off from work quitely sitting by the river.

Fancy a coffee? Don’t be stuck with the same old bar

Most of the people think that coffee is just an excuse. An expedient to cut out a moment of relaxation, to meet a friend, to chat about this and that, and to come at the Baja, every excuse is good. On the other hand, our coffee is excellent. As well as hot chocolate, tea and in general our cafeteria combined with the tasty patisserie. Just leave behind for a few minutes the traffic of the Lungotevere and immerse yourself in the peace of our refined boat.

Baja Caffetteria Colazione

A moment of sweetness

Sometimes a gluttony sin can be done. It must be done, indeed. Baja’s pastry shop has everything you need: a wide selection of fresh delicatessen. Biscuits, small pastries, spoon desserts. Classic preparations or more sophisticated and original solutions, to be enjoyed on our beautiful terrace or in the indoor rooms. Moment of true relaxation.

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