Lounge bar

River Lounge Bar. A prestigious venue, a different evening

The right place for those who love refined atmospheres. The place for those who are not satisfied with the usual evening meetings but carefully select particular and unconventional places. The place for those who want to enhance every evening with a different accent. The River Lounge Bar at the Baja is waiting for you with its pleasant dining rooms, comfortable couches and outdoor tables overlooking the Tiber and Rome.

The River Lounge Bar will seduce you with its perfect meeting between an exclusive and fascinating location and a menu full of tasty food and beverage options You can sip your favorite cocktail or get tempted by the innovative proposals of our tender bars, or loose yourself in our wide offer of wines and spirits selected from the best national and international labels.

A delicious aperitif in the heart of Rome

The sun starts at sunset, the working day draws to a close. The Baja shows its most fascinating face and invites you to the most exclusive aperitif in Rome. The Tiber that flows sly, Rome getting ready for the night, the lights of the boat that light up and heat the atmosphere. The ingredients for a relaxing and entertaining evening are all there, including impeccable cocktails and tasty treats, prepared with high quality raw materials. Seeing is believing.

Loose yourself in the Roman night

As soon as the sunset gives up to the night, the Baja changes its face again. Every evening we offer a different musical offer, thanks to our brilliant DJs and an artistic direction with an international importance. You will lose yourself in the magic of the Tiber.

See the Lounge Bar menu

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Cafè, bakery, tea room

Every morning you can find freshly baked products by our pastry chefs. Come and join us for your morning coffee or your afternoon tea. Every moment is the perfect one to please your sweet tooth with a delicious treat from our bakery!

Co-working space

Open Baja is an area open to everyone who is looking for a charming and well equipped place to spend time to work or study. You can choose your favourite indoor or outdoor table or sofa to spend your day at Baja working or studying. We can also offer private rooms for important meetings or videocalls. Free wi-fi is always available as well as our Cafè and Restaurant.

For further information please contact us on +39 377.52.50.423 r send us an e-mail at eventi@bajaroma.it

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