Corsi di Yoga a Roma

The Open Baja Yoga courses

The beauty that surrounds the Baja barge makes it a unique place in Rome. The frame of Rome, of its center, the beating heart of history, art and wonder. And then tranquility, privacy, calm. It is difficult to imagine a more suggestive and suitable place for meditation. A perfect location for our Yoga classes. Every morning, 3 days a week, our talented and professional teachers are available to all those who wish to start the day in a different way, taking care of themselves. To participate there are no subscription costs or subscriptions to be subscribed. The course is included in the rich and tasty breakfast of our Bakery.

The practice of Yoga, to train body and mind

We have chosen to host Yoga classes on our eclectic boat because we know very well the enormous potential of this ancient Indian discipline. This practice summarize perfectly the importance of a unique vision between body and mind. Taking care of the body also means seeking the well-being of the mind and vice-versa. Starting the day with a few minutes of Yoga provide benefits both physically and mentally. Everything acquires energy, vitality and power. Moreover, practicing Yoga regularly helps to keep the muscles toned and flexible, it’s a valid support for the care of the cardiovascular and respiratory apparatus, it helps to relieve back and joint pains.