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After dinner

A prestigious venue, a different evening

The place for those who love refined atmospheres. The place for those who are not satisfied with the usual nocturnal gatherings but select with care particular and refined places. The place for those who want to enhance every evening with a different accent. In the evening, the River Lounge Bar of the Baja awaits you, with its delicately lit indoor rooms, its comfortable sofas, its outdoor tables overlooking the Tiber and Rome. And it is ready to seduce you, with its enveloping but discreet music, with its skilfully mixed cocktails, with its tasty and original aperitifs. After all, there are many nice places in Rome. But here we are talking about something else. We are talking about beauty and personality.

A refined lounge bar lights up Rome nightlife

After the sunset, at the Baja starts music and entertainment. Evenings go on until late, enhanced by the magical background of an elegant and seductive Rome. While the Tiber becomes dark and mysterious, our boat lights up with the delicate lights of a refined and chic lounge bar. While the silence falls down on the eternal city, the Baja plays the rhythm of engaging DJ sets.

The wide spaces allow to fulfill different needs and desires. An outdoor or indoor drink watching the stars in a comfortable and refined lounge area. A romantic date or a quiet and entertaining evening with friends.

Find out the Aperitivo at the Baja

Cocktails, wines and spirits, let’s make a toast by the Baja

The key player at the Baja by night are cocktails, wines and spirits, selected among Italian and international most prestigious labels. Several qualities of whiskey coming from different parts of the world: Scotland, Ireland, United States and Japan, together with a wide selection of tequila, cognac, rum, vodka, gin, grappa, sparkling wine, champagne, beyond a fine selection of beers. For those who prefer cocktails, the traditional proposals are flanked by original proposals.

The offer at the Baja Lounge Bar

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