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The most refined aperitivo in Rome is waiting for you by the Baja

When an hard working day begins to come to an end, when the sunset is close, the Tiber banks are the perfect location for taste and relaxation during the aperitivo at the Baja. For those who are looking for a different solution from all the others in Rome. Dedicated to those who always choose the quality of carefully selected products. Dedicated to those who love original proposals and new flavours.

A magical place, a suggestive aperitivo

An old barge renewed and furnished with class. The Tiber and the skyline of Rome, the magic of a unique and refined location makes the aperitivo at the Baja really special, enjoyable both indoors and outdoors. Harmony and pleasure in the chaotic days of the eternal city. Come and taste it, lose yourself in the pleasant sensation that only this corner of Rome can offer.

Aperitivo at the Baja, treats for all tastes

At the Baja, the menu is always a guarantee even when it comes to the express food served during the aperitivo. Simple and tasty preparations made by professional chefs with high quality products. At the Baja we purchase products by local markets or trusted suppliers only. A real excellence of a made in Italy taste.

The aperitivo at the Baja offers surprises for all tastes. For fish lovers we offer refined raw fish or poké bowl. For meat lovers, we offer delicious cold cuts and cheese boards without forgetting vegetarians that are always welcome onboard.

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